Why Social Media?

With Facebook now topping Google for weekly traffic in the US and 96% of Millennial’s now being on Social Media, getting your business online is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity if you want to not only survive but thrive in the digital world. In the US alone, Social Media has now become the #1 online activity. The question is, is your business going to be found?

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Why Social?

Consumers now control the marketplace. 70% will buy a product because a friend or family member suggested it, 49% will buy based on an advertisement while 32% will buy because someone on social media who they follow but don’t know mentioned it online.

Social Media Marketing – Northwestern University 2018

Content Management

Content Management is the cornerstone to any effective social media strategy. It’s so much more than just posting a pretty picture or a quote here and there, it’s about timing, scheduling, interaction and so much more! We handle all this for you and give you a complete system to manage your social media campaign.

Website Development & Organic SEO

We strongly believe that having a significant social media presence is centered around a strong SEO enabled website.

We specialise in creating websites based on the WordPress platform and can develop a simple 5 page website up to full eCommerce enabled sites.

We will also integrate all your social media through your website and help you set up and publish a blog for which we also offer ongoing content creation.

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De Mystify the Data

Being able to not only track but understand your social media data means that you will be in control of the money you are spending on your social media marketing. We break the information and statistics down and explain in detail what is working and what isn’t working and make recommendations for changes if needed.

Graphic & Content Design

Content that looks good gets interaction and interaction gets traction which grows your online presence. We work with you to help produce engaging and relative content design that will get you noticed. We work with your current branding to make sure the online message is congruent with your physical branding.

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