What We Do

Hawthorne Social  is about helping you take your business product or event to the next level with an engaging social media presence.

We will get you online and social, teach you how to build your online presence and brand and provide you with the content and programming you will need to get noticed!

Content Development

We no longer have a choice whether we do social media, the question is now,
how well do we do it?

Erik Qualman




We Add Value

It’s important that you know we understand you need value; value for money, value for your business and value for time.  We will take the time to sit with you and understand what exactly you are wanting to achieve. We will then develop a social media marketing strategy that is unique to your individual needs.

This way we can cater for the new to social’s, the time poor or even those just struggling for creative inspiration. All our packages come with a 30 days free trial to make sure you are fully satisfied with what we have put together. 

We also break all our services down into individual components so you can choose what level of assistance you need.

We work across all current social media platforms and design content that is specific to each platforms particular specifications.

Don’t stress if you don’t have any social accounts as yet, we can help get you started and teach you how to use them! If you do have social media accounts already in place, all we will need is access to your accounts in order to set up direct posting, or if you wish we can schedule behind the scenes and you can do all the posting.

We can even help you build your personal LinkedIn profile if you are looking at increasing your networking capabilities or looking for work. The scope is endless!