How We Do It

At every step of your journey with us we endeavor to make everything streamlined and easy to understand and access.

The majority of our work is done online using a range of apps we provide you with. We keep everything centralised into one portal so you can access your information and content at anytime.

However, we also love  face to face interaction so we can meet up or even catch up over phone, whatever suits your schedule!


Easy to Use & Easy to Understand

 Social Media is no Longer a Fad, it’s a Shift in How We Communicate

It’s Not

One of the best things we can offer you is easy communication and an uncomplicated, easy to understand system. From our initial consultation right through to the conclusion of our work with you we will make sure that you understand everything that is happening and have full control over what is being put out into the public domain.

We will give you suggestions and advice, however if at any stage you feel as though things are moving to fast or in a direction you’re not happy with we will adjust accordingly, you have full control over your social media footprint.

We start with an initial online assessment, it’s a simple questionnaire that we use to gauge exactly where you are at. We will then go and research where exactly your business brand or product fits into the social domain and give you a full report of our recommendations.

Our recommendations will be broken into tiers so you are able to choose as little or as much as you like.  We are able to provide full service social media marketing from content development, design and implementation or just simply manage your existing accounts.