Hot Tips

Eager to get on Social Media but not sure where to start? Here are some of our best Hot Tips that we normally reserve for clients!  Feel free to ask any questions as we love to hear from our readers!

App of the Week


Canva is an easy to use online graphic design app for either desktop or phone. It comes with literally thousands of templates, graphics, photo’s, elements etc. It’s easy to use, simply drag and drop and you are able to save it in a variety of formats.

What I particularly love about Canva is that you can print straight from the app, so design your business card, flyer etc in Canva then hit print and Canva will print and deliver your product to you!

The relationship based nature of Social Media, means you can no longer just ‘sell’ to your consumer. You must first build relationship, develop authenticity and gain trust.

You do this by giving. You give your time, your information and your attention. When you are genuine people will see that and will be more likely to engage with you on a relationship level. Remember you need to give to get!